Hi, my pen name is Tea (pronounced like the drink, yes). Of course, I have many other nicknames, coined by my loving family and friends. I am twenty seven years old, and I call Sydney, Australia home.

I used to like writing–no, actually, I used to love writing. I rarely write fiction. I find that life is beautiful enough, and that the details are colourful enough to write about. I write about my struggles, my thoughts, my emotions, my everyday life, and my conversations with friends and family (all with anonymity)–I try to make sense of everything and aim to make it clear for everyone else as well. I see life through the lens of God’s grace in my life.

Today, however, I no longer write as much but am taking more photos. I still like writing, but I have found that taking photos are a little bit less exposing of my heart.

I am imperfect: wounded, but I have been healed. I am not better than any other person in this world. I identify the most with the unnamed woman from Luke 7.

I serve a living Saviour: His name is Jesus Christ.

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