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Growing up, sometimes, when I would remind people that I was born in February, they would just nod and say, “Ahhh. That’s probably why…you’re so…you!”

It’s as if they were saying that how I think or do things so strangely compared to anyone else is because I’m a Februarian. It’s like they’re saying that my brain’s configured a weirder way just because I was born in Feb.

Maybe there is something different with February and Februarians. I’ve always thought February was a special month anyway.

Firstly, it’s the only month of the year that’s got 28 days…and 29 every four years. Now that’s unique, and pretty cool.

Secondly, it’s the ultimate month of romance. Enough said. Who doesn’t like romance, flowers, and hearts?

And thirdly (and this I can’t fully explain but is most important), I have always been good friends with people born in February…before we even knew we both were Februarians.

Maybe it’s coincidence. I don’t know. There have been strangers crossing my path, who share the same interests as myself, who think the same way I do, who see life the same way. And then when we get to the “When were you born” questions, we share a giggle at finding out about our similar birth month. It’s like there’s an immediate comfortable mutual understanding that hey, our friendship is gonna be solid.

All I know is that up til today, some of the people I am most comfortable with are Februarians. Two of my closest girl friends are Februarians. A cousin I look up to is a Februarian.

I happen to think Februarians are crazy talented and hold so much potential in them (though most don’t really go for their fullest potential, which is not such a bad thing in a way), and I’m not even speaking of myself. Most of the Februarians I know personally hold positions of influence in their own little circles. People value their opinions.

Maybe it’s just me and my own little superstitions. But really, whenever I find out that the person I’m holding a good conversation with is born in February, I usually can’t help but exclaim, “Ahhh. That’s probably why…I like you!”

Happy birth-month to the weirdest but loveliest people I know!

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